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Request a
Forensic Evaluation

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Please complete the following steps to request a forensic evaluation:

  • If your client is detained and/or requires a forensic urgently (within 8 weeks), please email the name of the client the request is being submitted for, the nature of the request, and the deadline the affidavit is needed by. Then, please submit a forensic evaluation request through PHR ( as a “Clinic Direct Referral” and select “Buffalo Human Rights Initiative” from the Clinic Name dropdown (see below).

  • Please DO NOT submit a referral through the clinic direct method unless the forensic is urgent. We are a teaching clinic and it is to the benefit of the client if our clinicians can receive feedback on their affidavits before court submission.

  • If we deem your case non-urgent, we will submit your case to PHR and notify you of this change.

  • If your client’s hearing is more than 8 weeks away, please submit your request to the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) using their online forensic evaluation request form ( Please state in the details of the case box that you would like your evaluation performed by the Human Rights Initiative at the University of Buffalo.

    • PHR requires a minimum of 8 weeks to screen a case and notify a clinician of a request.

    • It is important to include enough detail on your form submission to identify why your client is

      in need of a forensic.

    • Please note that we will do our best to meet your request. Our clinicians perform evaluations

      on a voluntary basis and although rare, there may be times when a clinician is not available. We would like to remind you that our clinicians are unbiased evaluators and there is always a possibility that our clinicians may reach a conclusion in their affidavit which is different from what you would have hoped for in your case. Our clinicians will not modify general conclusions or themes of an affidavit.

Survivors of Torture Referral:

Please submit the attached Survivors of Torture (SOT) intake form to and cc We require our clients to be registered with the WNYCST. By submitting this form, your client can opt to receive additional resources through our partner, the Western New York Center for Survivors of Torture.


Types of Evaluations Being Requested:

Thanks for submitting, please also make sure to fill out the PHR Referral!